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nvertek Optidrive E3 variable speed drives offer innovative technology, reliability and ease of use in choice of compact IP20 & IP66 enclosures.

Simply power on and the the Optidrive E3 can provide precise motor control and energy savings for many applications, with just 14 parameters in basic mode. 

Available in a choice of voltage supplies and enclosure types: IP20 for mounting inside a box or panel enclosure, and also IP66 (up to 7.5kW) with on board local isolator, direction switch and speed pot.


Invertek ODE-3-220105-1F4Y-01 Optidrive E3

  • Power kW : 1.1
  • Power HP: 1.5
  • Input Voltage: 240V
  • Output Voltage: 0 to input
  • Input Phases: 1
  • Output Phases: 1
  • Output Current: 10.5Amps
  • Input Current: 14.0Amps
  • Encl Rating: IP66
  • Width: 188mm
  • Height: 257mm
  • Dynamic Braking: 1
    • Control Type: V/F type
  • Digital Outputs: 1